Vinyl Records

We love, love, love vinyl! We stock it in our dedicated music and vinyl section for that very reason in fact. We don't make a lot of money selling vinyl but we can't help but buy it in and it is a very popular range indeed!


At the moment, vinyl is our biggest seller with records going out every day despite our wide range of collectables.


We have some very cool titles in from some great bands and artists.


Next time you're out vinyl hunting don't forget to include Not Just Vintage SHop in your record safari!



Selling Your Vinyl?


We do buy vinyl too so if you're letting a few of your records go please do give us a shout.


We buy good quality titles with a wide appeal from well known bands and artists. We're not looking to break the bank so as nice as it would be to pick up your rarities we have to make a profit too.


Check out some of the titles we have stocked below to give you an idea of what we are on the lookout for.


Small joblots are best but we don't mind the odd individual record or two.

Click on any image to enlarge... Please note these records may not be in stock. These images are not updated regularly and are included for example purposes only and are records that have been included in our Unit 4 collection but many will have sold.

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